Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why can't P&G and CVS just get along?

So, today I scored at CVS - occasionally they run a circular with awesome deals and this week is one of them. Score on Charmin, Coke products, and Deer Park water plus more and get a $10 savings card while doing it. Well vitamins were BOGO, and I saved $5 on those, had $3 Smart Cash, and got another $5 coupon off of something else... plus got the $10 savings card. I was super happy. Only one thing -- all P&G coupons only apply to Kroger cards unless you get the flyer in the mail! Oh so sad! When are we going to get one rewards card for everything - one card for all coupons and rewards! or at least the ability to add coupons for P&G to all cards for now -- c'mon compromise! That's my two cents. But seriously, great savings at CVS again this week.