Monday, October 26, 2009

Wendy’s Printable Coupons, McDonald’s Printable Coupons, KFC Printable Coupons, and How to Get Them in Your Inbox


Just the other morning on the way home from a birthday party, my mouth was watering and I was so hungry for a fish sandwich from McDonald’s. All I wanted was a fish sandwich! Too bad it was 9:18 am and the only thing resembling a fish sandwich was a chicken biscuit. And then I started thinking, hmmm… wouldn’t it be great if I had a coupon for McDonald’s fish sandwiches! Shouldn’t fast food be free? Where can I get fast food coupons? Fast food coupons and discounts often come in the mail. Especially for Hardees and Burger King in my area, but in order to get other fast food coupons, you may want to visit their sites and sign up. Add your fast food restaurants to your coupon mailing list!

Click here for McDonald’s Coupons. I love McDonald’s the food may be bad and it may make you fat, but there is nothing like the French fries in all the world!

Wendy’s printable coupons. Wendy’s is also a great restaurant and has a ton of almost vegetarian fair. Baked potatoes and yummy chocolate slushies provide great lunch fair. All the better when they’re buy one get one free!

Click here for KFC coupons! KFC coupons require that you enter your zip code and specials will pop up in your area. Chicken for less with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, or biscuits!

Just sign up with your free coupon email that you’ve created just for coupons and viola! New coupons arriving in your inbox every once in a while.

Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Create a Twitter Coupon Widget for Your Blog or Website


I love my Twitter Coupon Widget! I stare at mine all day. You should really add one to your blog or website. I just keep staring at mine watching hundreds of coupons flash across the screen… Coupon Maven Heaven!

The coupons never stop. The variety of coupons that flash on your site through this tiny widget is enormous! Coupons from everywhere. Evacuumstore, Travel4, Rebates, and lots more. To create a Twitter Coupon Widget, navigate to: Select the widgets for my website widget. You can create on for Facebook or MySpace as well if you would like. Select “Search Widget”. Enter “coupon” in the search query box and set your appearance and dimensions. Copy and paste the code to your website or blog and viola! The most awesome coupon creation since printable coupons at

Twitter Coupons

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Discounts, Deals, and Coupons for Your Daily Vitamin Supplements


Vitamins are like a religion to me. Every day I usually take a vitamin of some form. Sometimes twenty to thirty vitamins in one day! Vitamins A, C, and E are very important for skin, nails, and hair. Vitamins can really add up. Where do I find the cheapest vitamins on the Internet?


Puritan’s Pride has some of the best deals on vitamins that can be found on the Internet. Buying directly from the supplier works in your favor at this site that often runs BOGO or even “Buy two get three free sales”. Check sites like and for coupon codes for even further savings such as free shipping, etc.

2. eBay –

eBay is a great source of vitamins. Find anything and everything here. Hard to find vitamins are plentiful. Watch out for the shipping charges.

3. -

Sign up for vitamin coupons to be delivered to your coupon email here at Vitamin World. Puritan Pride’s deals are usually better, but Vitamin World has many more suppliers to choose from.

4. The Clearance Section -

Check and all other vitamin sites for a clearance section. The best deals can be found in the clearance section, and sometimes the items are disguised or available in sizes not listed.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free Printable Online Coupons


*This great Sears Coupon can be found at

Where do I go to print online coupons for groceries, clothing, etc.? – This is the mecca of printable coupons and offers tons of printable coupons from different brands. Everything from a free Quiktrip sandwich to McCormick pepper has a coupon here. Most other sites offer printable coupons through printers.

couponsaver – This site featured some printable coupons from Goody’s and Midas that weren’t featured on They also have free samples and Money Saving Tips along with coupon codes from Trend Micro. – Mommy Saves Big often has a nice selection of printable coupons as well. Kmart was the featured printable coupon vendor today. is big! They’re one of the companies that deliver Sunday coupons right to your door inside the Sunday newspaper. Mini-Wheats and other grocery coupons are their main staple, and you are likely to find many coupons that are in your Sunday paper in case you miss the paper. - offers some smashing, unique printable coupons. I found a printable coupon for 20% off Denny’s! 20% off Micheal’s, too. – They have a few printable coupons in my area, but they could stand to expand. You might want to check them out if you’re not in the Southeast United States. – Betty Crocker has their own online printable coupons! If you need a birthday cake, this is the place to go. – P&G often deliver coupons in the Sunday paper and feature some elusive coupons on their site that you may print. Be careful because P&G places limits on their coupons. – also features some printable coupons among rebates, offers, and online coupons. This is always a site worth checking out, and you will be surprised what you might find here. – another site that also sends you coupons in the mail. features GreenGiant coupons and you can follow them on twitter!

Please post other sites that you use for printable coupons, especially if they feature coupons not found here.

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