Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laci Le Beau Dieter’s Tea Coupons




Laci Le Beau has some of the best dieter’s tea on the planet. This senna tea can help boost your weight loss goals by some untold percentage, and tons of women on the planet swear by it! The tea is now sometimes difficult to find. For some reason it has been yanked from the shelves at Ingles and Kroger in my area. Laci Le Beau tea can be ordered at Coupons for Laci Le Beau tea will be mailed [at the time of this publication] to you if you complete a survey inside of the Laci Le Beau tea box

The tea is available in mint, cinnamon, maximum strength, Apricot, Cranberry Twist, Peppermint, and Tropical Fruit, and other great flavors. The unique combination of spices is a good way to cleanse and detoxify the system even if you don’t have a weight loss goal in mind. The tea comes packaged with a complete 1200 calorie diet plans as well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coupons in Cat Food, Cereal, Cream Cheese, Etc.

Check to make sure that you don’t miss hidden coupons in your cat food, cream cheese, and cereal. Sometimes these coupons are hidden in the bottom of boxes of your favorite item or wrapped around one of the items. Sometimes hidden coupons can also pop out at the Kroger grocery line. More than once I have missed these flying, spitting coupons as they pop out at the checkout stand! Watch out for flying, hidden coupons!