Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Get Paid to Share Your Coupons

Have coupons with codes lying around from the Sunday paper? Make money from them! How Awesome! Just grab your coupon with a coupon code and navigate your browser to Upload your coupon and make money each time someone uses it! You  must sign up for an account first, then upload your coupons. Coupon Chief pays you 2% each time someone uses your coupon code to make a sale! You can be paid via PayPal, check, etc. I know of no other site that pays you to upload coupons. Click here for the coupon that I just uploaded. Here is a video if you need help: provides a much better video to explain this process. Click here to view the CouponChief tutorial video. I really like the idea because the extra incentive means that you can find coupons on this site for just about anything and everything. There are thousands and thousands of coupons here for places like:

You can also locate coupons by searching for related tags such as “fashion”, “swim wear”, “boys clothing”, or “belts”. also offers a free email newsletter. If you are new to coupon codes, I really recommend viewing their tutorial video at least once. offers a great explanation about how to use coupon codes with your favorite vendors!

Making money off of your coupons with CouponChief is so easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account at Enter all your information to get paid!
  • Upload your coupons. For this, you will need the store name, the discount,  and the expiration date (if there is one). You must also use a coupon code. Add tags to your coupon and press the submit button.
  • Track your progress on your "my account" page. Every time someone uses a coupon you've uploaded, Coupon Chief will give you 2% of the sales. This could really add up over time, and some users have entered thousands of coupon codes.
  • Now decide how you get paid. They pay by check, PayPal, etc. Have fun making money!

Here is a copy of the coupon I used:


The coupon code that you want to enter is located in the center. Good Luck!


Cat, Dog, Bird, Pet Coupons

I love Zora. She is absolutely beautiful to me, and if you are one of my regulars, you know all about her. I really need coupons for her. She is totally expensive! She is a black, long-haired cat with a flea allergy! Here is her picture:


See! Beautiful! Anyway, she is very, very picky. She must have the best cat food, you know.

Coupons for Zora include:

  1. Purina Pet Food Coupons
  2. Free Mania – Free Pet Food Samples
  3. – Lots of Awesome Coupons!
  4. eBay is always a good source

eBay allows you to shop for awesome coupons that come in multiples sometimes. Also, feel free to sell your own cat food coupons on eBay for extra pocket change.

Purina is a good site for free samples, coupons,etc. Zora likes Purina and will actually eat it! had many awesome coupons including:

  • Alpo - Play the Match n' Save game and get a buy one get one free Alpo coupon. Click "promotions".
  • Arm & Hammer - Printable coupons for various Arm & Hammer products.
  • Arm & Hammer® - Sign up for Cat Litter coupons and offers.
  • Advantage - Print a coupon for a free tube with purchase.
  • Assorted Printable Coupons - Print dozens of pet and grocery coupons.
  • - Dozens of printable name brand coupons. New coupons added often.
  • Feline Pine - Full price mail-in rebate.
  • Hartz - Register and receive printable coupons via email.
  • Iams ProActive Health - Postal mail Iams coupon for $3 off cat food.
  • Iams Multi-Cat - Postal mail coupon for $3 off.
  • Jonny Cat - Register for coupons, print a $1 off coupon now.
  • Kibbels 'N Bits - Printable dog food coupon for $2 off one bag of Wholesome Medley.
  • Linatone - Printable coupon for $3 off Linatone Shed Relief for dogs.
  • Meaty Bone - Printable coupon for a free Box of Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits with purchase of any Meaty Bone, Chew-lotta, or Denta-Delicious product.
  • Mighty Dog - Postal mail coupon for a free can of Mighty Dog.
  • Pedigree - Printable Pedigree coupons for dog food and treats.
  • Pedigree Puppy Pack - Free pack with coupons and puppy care guide. (USA)
  • Pro Pac Pet Food - $2 Postal mail pet food coupon.
  • Purina Little Bites - Printable Purina coupon for Little Bites dog food.
  • Purina - Printable Purina coupon for $1.50 off Yesterday's News cat litter.
  • Purina Pet Food - Free printable Purina Pet Food coupon for $4 off. A $1 donation is made to a shelter when coupon is redeemed.
  • Second Nature Dog Litter - Printable coupon for $5 off 12 lb or larger.

Freemania was also a lucrative pet coupon site featuring Hartz coupons and a free “Greenies” sample. Greenies cost about $8.00 in the store, and Zora absolutely loves them.

1-800-PetMeds also offers lots of pet coupons for those of you who have best friends who need medication.

For her pet hair:

Save $2.00 off Pledge Pet Hair Sweeper

That should get you set for pet coupons, if I find any more great deals, I’ll let you know!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Money Saving Deal of the Week

I just kept thinking of how I would just love a weekend cruise for two to anywhere! I mean anywhere! With school, work, and the pressures of getting older while facing this economy, a cruise sounds wonderful. I have never, and I repeat, never, been on a cruise ship before in my life. This season qualifies as the "off-season" - from October to April. 

These are my instructions from the Associated Content article I am referencing:

"Check website deals, travel agents, online auctions, as well as calling the cruise line itself. You can go online and compare cruises, and cruise lines, side-by-side to see which offers the best value. "

The first place I navigated my browser to was, of course, eBay. I use the price sorter to sort from low price to high price, and just type in "cruise" in the search bar. 

A 3 day/2 night exotic cruise to the Bahamas on eBay for only $59! Awesome! That seems like the best deal I've ever seen. All meals and entertainment included! No time share presentations or other sales pitches! This cruise is featured on the Imperial Majesty Cruise Line. It is a 2 night cruise from Ft.Lauderdale to Nassau/Paradise Island, Bahamas. You might want to pay attention to all the fine print. One cruise deal listed the food as hotdogs and hamburgers, and you could have anything you wanted to drink, as long as it wasn't alcohol or soda!

Option #2:
FastDeal # 18351
A 5 day cruise departing September 21, 2009 on Carnival's Carnival Destiny. $239 per person! This sounds like a great cruise that can be booked way in advance. These prices are subject to change, of course. I found this offer at

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mambo Sprouts features Health, Bottled Water, Natural and Organic Grocery Coupons

Mambo Sprouts e-coupons offers very valuable and hard to find coupons for organic food! Be greener, healthier, and save money on your grocery bills. You do need to install a coupon print activator to print the coupons. Mambo sprouts will also mail a coupon to your home for healthy and organic foods! What luck! Seriously, these coupons are difficult to find, and if you eat organic like I do, the food doesn’t come cheap. You may see their promotional really cool wrapped van around somewhere. 


Finally! A coupon for bottled water! I have been looking forever! 

At Mambo Sprouts, you can get $1.00 off Fiji bottled water, which I consider excellant bottled water. 


Subscribe to their quarterly mailer for awesome information. 

You can also win free stuff, color, view recipes, and shop on Mambo Sprouts. I love this food, and I am so excited to receive the coupons in the mail, and to be able to download and print them here. Check out all their articles on fitness and nutrition, food, and exercise. You can download their press release. Even in this economy, people are still shopping “green”. This is a wonderful way to eat that I highly recommend. Live your life free of added hormones and additives. Having trouble locating a store in your area? Mambo Sprouts features a store finder. The Mambo Sprouts newsletter features the latest product information and savings as well as hot topics in the health, natural, and organic industry. Their coupon books are limited to certain areas, but I decided to go ahead and order mine, even though I live in Georgia, which is out of their coverage area. You should also explore the Mambo Sprouts featured partners for a natural and organic food and product information from leading national companies like Attune, Boca Foods, Celestial Seasonings, Kashi, Luna Bar, Organic Valley, and Vita Soy.  

Horizon Organic also offers some organic coupons. I am only including this short sentence because they are mainly a dairy company. Their milk is excellent, though, and I highly recommend it. 


Sunday, March 15, 2009 Coupons to Clip and Discounts and Coupons for Shopping Online

ShopAtHome Banner offers many discounts and bonuses with a $5 sign up bonus for you and your friends. They feature cash back at places like, Marriott's Residence Inn, Brookstone, and New York & Company. Make sure you check out the travel savings guide. Their site includes free mail order catalogs and discount magazines. I ordered the Miles Kimball Catalog, a Wonder Laboratories vitamin catalog that comes with a free all natural muscle relaxant, a Bargain Books catalog with hardcover books for as low as $2.95, and I also paid for some catalogs on free stuff and making money from my Sunday paper coupons! 

You can post on the blog, add the newest deals from your favorite stores all in one place, and subscribe to a money saving news feed. You can install a toolbar if you would like, and your browser is free of toolbar clutter. Forget to use these money back sites? You can download their SelectRebates software to help you remember. It will redirect you to the site using a ShopAtHome link. I think I am going to download this software. I am always missing out on cash from my eBay purchases. It comes with the toolbar, but oh well. 

Onto the coupons...
This site features Grocery Coupons that you can customize by selecting only the coupons for the things you buy, and then print them online. 

Internet Coupons Include the following companies:

  • Amazon 
  • American Eagle
  • Dell Home
  • Victoria Secret
  • AT&T   
You do get $5 cash for signing up. To recieve your check, you must make $20, but you can shop for items at Amazon, eBay, or even and get cash back in order to make your $20. Just make sure that you verify your address in order to receive your check.  

If you make purchases on the site, you may have to give your credit card information. PayPal will generate a fake credit card for you, and you can use that number. Isn't that awesome! I love PayPal! I hate giving my credit card information online.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Grocery is nice site if you would like to preorder coupons. They do charge a membership fee, but unlike the Sunday paper, you can choose your coupons. Picture this:

  1. You look at your teeth in the mirror and decide they look a little yellow from all the coffee you've been drinking on your latest diet. 
  2. You decide you must have some Crest Whitestrips to whiten them. Crest Whitestrips work the best, and that cheap tooth whitener that's still in your bathroom almost ripped your tooth enamel off last time you used it, and it hurt to brush your teeth for weeks. 
  3. You navigate your browser to and enter in your password that you have obtained when you bought your last order of coupons at a mere $15.99. The yearly membership was pretty cheap considering all the specialized savings available.
  4. You search around for the perfect coupon and viola! 
  5. You find a $10.00 off coupon for Crest Whitestrips! 
  6. You add it to your basket and proceed to the check out. 
  7. The coupon, along with some other coupons you have chosen for things that you have to buy that week like toilet paper cost you $2.75 (the price varies) including shipping and everything. 
  8. Your coupons arrive in the mail in 3-5 business days!
  9. You take your little coupons to the store and hand them to your clerk.
  10. Shazzzam! You have saved $20.00 just using this service once! You leave happy. is a service that can be used over and over again. At first, the membership fees and the coupon costs seemed scam like to me, but then I realized that I was going to save that much money just on printer supplies if I printed them off of the Internet. This is a great way to save money on the things you actually shop for. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Money Saving Deal of the Week

This week I really need to purchase Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 for school. Only the trial version is installed on my computer, and it lasts for only another three months. The best deals are, of course, absolutely free, and you can download your own free trial of Microsoft Office Home and Student or Office Professional 2007. The suggested retail price of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 is $149.95. 

Just click here to download your free trial!

Product Features

  • Essential software suite for home computer users makes it a pleasure to complete schoolwork and other tasks
  • Includes 2007 versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote
  • No Outlook is included.
  • Intuitive user interface that exposes commonly used commands; updated graphics and formatting galleries help you to easily produce high-quality documents
  • Work with confidence and security thanks to the improved automatic Document Recovery tool and the Document Inspector tool, which removes personally identifiable information from your document
  • Enhanced Help system includes online tutorials with step-by-step instructions; includes OneNote, a digital notebook that helps you gather, organize, and search many types of information in one place 
  • Results oriented Office user interface makes it easier to find and use product features.
  • More stable bullets and numbers
  • Enhanced text effects
  • SmartArt diagrams
  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is a digital notebook that helps you gather, organize, and search many types of information in one place.

I found these really great deals.

1. offers Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 for the low price of $69.00. Navigate your browser here: 

2., an online company that I feel can usually be trusted, also offers it for a pretty good price:

3. It is also relatively inexpensive on eBay. The cheapest I found it on eBay was $68.99, but there was only 1 at that price, so I don't really feel it was worth mentioning or describing in more detail for this item.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Get Some Fundraiser Coupons Books

Oodles of people want to buy fundraiser coupon books. They're really great if you need a fundraising idea, want to save lots of money, or just want to look at what local businesses are offering discount wise.

Here are 7 coupon fundraiser ideas you might be interested in:

1.   1. The 2009 Entertainment Book.

vvvFundraiser supporters can usually purchase this book at $5 off the cover price.Purchasers can save 50% on dining, travel, movie tickets, dry cleaning, groceries, and more!

2.   2. $500 and $1000 in Grocery Coupon Books

Inside the Grocery Coupon Book the customer will discover a listing of over 1000 different products that we offer coupons for. The customer will receive fifty $10 Coupon Vouchers inside the book that he or she has purchased. On the back of each Voucher are 48 boxes where you write in the numbers for products that you would like to receive coupons for. You will receive around 1-5 coupons for each product selected until the coupon values total $10. The customer then sends the Voucher in and receives coupons within 14 days

Coupons that you can preorder and use on items you shop for anyway seems like a great idea. Everyone always needs to buy groceries, so this coupon book appeals to every person. One trial booklet is $10, and then the prices range from $2 to $4. You can also purchase a book of $1000 in grocery coupons. The trial version is only $15!          


      This is a great, simple, fun idea I found on the web. You can also request a free information kit when you visit the site. Earn 90% profit in two simple steps:

     Each participant is given one scratch card. Each card has the ability to raise $100. Participants invite others to scratch off circles on their card to reveal how much they will donate, ranging from free to $2.50. Each supporter is given a brand name coupon sheet as a thank you for donating.

4.   4.

      This is one of the least expensive coupon fundraising booklets available. At only $5.00, PriceCutter’s fundraising booklet is sure to sell. It has over $45 dollars in savings for items that you use every day. No pesky negotiating with area vendors required. At $2.00 each, your fundraising group earns $3 per fundraising book sold.

5.   5. GreenStir

For an awesome, unique, and green fundraising idea from One Planet Fundraising, your fundraising group may want to consider this coupon book. GreenStir gives you discounts from many of the most popular and well-liked environmentally friendly companies out there including GAIAM, Organic Bouquet, eclipse spa, Nubius Organics, and Recycle Me. There really are tons more companies listed. Your fundraising group will be saving the planet as well! Right now you can buy a copy for $10.

6.   6.

If you don’t like to jump into anything without physical proof first, coupon booklets may be for you. They will mail you a free sample to review before you take the plunge. They offer discounts and money saving deals at restaurants like Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Papa John’s. The books cost $7.50 or $10 and offer exceptional deals for buyers. Their ordering plan is very flexible, and you can take preorders.

7.   7. The CD Coupon Book

The CD coupon book is preloaded with 30 to 70 reusable coupons from restaurants in your area. That’s right! You can reuse them! The CD works on any computer that has a CD drive.  The participant buys a small CD that he or she can insert into the computer to browse the coupons. The CD is then shown at the local restaurant to receive the discount. The CD sells for $20, and your organization keeps $10 from each sell. 500 of the small CDs will fit in a shoe box.

Coupon books are a fun, profitable idea to raise money for your charity, school, church, or local family in need! They are inexpensive and tend not to melt in the sun. Have fun selling as many as possible!


$500 and $1000 in Grocery Coupon Books 



Where Can I Find Restaurant Coupons?

Step 1: is a great place to find restaurant coupons or any other coupons for that matter. Just type restaurants in her search box and you will find many available coupons that you can download. Here's a list of just some of the restaurant coupons that I found there:

  • Arby's
  • Baskin Robbins
  • McDonald's
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dairy Queen
  • Fazoli's 
  • Longhorn's
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Red Lobster
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Steak and Ale
  • Taco Bell 
  • Wendy's 
  • TGI Friday's
MommySavesBig is great place to look for any kind of coupon, but this posting is per request. At MommySavesBig you can find grocery, retail, restaurant, pizza, beauty and makeup, baby, pet food and las vegas coupons that you can print and take to the vendor for discounts. She also features tons and tons of online coupons. 

Step 2:
Clip them from the Sunday Paper. In most areas your Sunday paper will have many coupons that you can clip and take to the restaurant. Sometimes the deal is simply a free drink, and sometimes you can receive entire entrees buy one get one free, which can translate into huge savings for you and your family. 

Step 3: is a great idea if you live in metropolitan area such as New York City or Atlanta. These are usually coupons for unique, good quality restaurants in your area. At you can purchase discounted gift certificates for a good percentage off. The current promotion is $25 gift certificates for only $10. I just bought a $10 gift certificate to La Dolce Vita in Athens, GA for $1.20. There is catch. Gratuity is included, and the minimum purchase is $20. Still a great deal if you plan on eating out with friends or family. 

Step 4:
Check out eBay. Just type in restaurant coupons or gift cards in the search area, and you should come up with plenty of cheap options.