Tuesday, July 19, 2011

eBay Daily Deals - $1 off Coupon

Sign up for eBay Daily Deals - deeply discounted products - and receive a $1 off coupon! eBay coupons are my absolute favorite because you can use them anywhere for just about anything, and in most cases, the item is clearance priced anyway. This offer is only valid for the first 100,000 people. These people get a
$1 off coupon. This eBay Offer ends on July 20th.

Things I love to buy on eBay:

  • Mass coupons
  • Gently used clothing
  • Electronics
  • Missing pieces to keyboards, phones, radios, and more
  • Car parts
  • Makeup
  • Discontinued Items
  • Specifically branded hard-to-find items

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to School e-Gift Cards

Adidas shop in Tokyo, Japan (description at fl...Image via WikipediaWhat better way to send your nephews money for back-to-school shopping than to send an e-gift card via email for that purpose? This way you can save yourself hours of trying on tennis shoes and jeans in favor of just giving them the money on an e-gift card. These cards can be emailed to the recipient, saving time and money.  Then you can take the children somewhere fun like Chuck-E-Cheese the next weekend with the time and effort that you save! Here is a list that I have compiled for back-to-school shopping e-gift cards:

e-Gift cards are a great way to give gifts and save time and money when back to school shopping.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Free Trial Pair of Contacts

bauschRegister here for a Bausch & Lomb free trial lens certificate that you can take to your eye doctor to redeem. The offer is only valid if you don’t currently wear contacts. To redeem the certificate, the want to be contact wearer must have to have a prescription, but the deal seems like a good one if you are like me and would like to try out a new pair of glasses.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Clippable Coupon on Coupon Bug

Another cute coupon site:
Coupon Bug

  • Lots of printables
  • Some coupon codes
  • Savings card coupons
  • Member Center 
  • Recipes
  • Weekly savings alert newletter
Sometimes it seems all printable coupon sites are the same, but a few vary in their selection. Coupon Bug should be added to your list because they'll email you deals you can compare without leaving your inbox. 

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Frugal Housewife eBook Available on Amazon freebie:
The book is full of awesome money-saving techniques like how to make apple water, how to make homemade soap, simple remedies and more. Simple cures for everyday aches and illnesses are also a wonderful wave to save on a vast supply of over the counter medications that you may purchase for your family. This book is similar to a "Hints from Heloise" that originated in the 1800's. It is a very interesting read, and maybe you can use some of the advice. This world has become expensive in return for convenience. Hand washing has been traded in for electric washers and dryers as have dishwashers replaced hand washing the dishes. While convenient, frugality and economy is really lost on these new contraptions. Not to mention that money and ecology is wasted. Sometimes the best way to save money is to use extra time. This especially applies if you have it to spare. Time is money, and the more time you spend learning tricks like these and doing chores by hand, the more money you can save. 

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

eBay Coupon Day and eBay Extras Coupons and Deals

Sometimes when I get bored and just can't find any good coupons, I stalk eBay for coupons. Today I found:

  • Iceland bottled water coupons
  • Mahatma rice coupons
  • Fiji Water Coupons
  • Volvic Water coupons
  • Cat food coupons
  • Other food coupons
Then I found eBay's new extras. You can find plenty of coupons and even free samples here while you are shopping for regular coupons. For example, they are offering a free sample of a Caroline Herrara. It's completely free! I can't wait. I love free samples of perfume. 

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The P&G eSaver Should be in Your Inbox Today

Logo for Procter & Gamble. Source of the logo.Image via Wikipedia

The P&G eSaver should be in your email inbox today. If it isn't, you should subscribe to the coupons that can be digitally upload to your Kroger (and some other) shopping cards.  The coupons are really convenient, and they're for items you really shop for. One of the biggest problems with coupons is that they can actually mean that you spend more money if you're not solely purchasing things that you would purchase anyway. P&G coupons feature normally clippable Tide coupons, Gillette coupons, Tampax coupons, Dawn coupons, Pantene coupons, and Charmin coupons. These are items that are in your house everyday and some are items that I could not live without. Another good thing is that they're delivered right to your coupon inbox if you subscribe to them. That means no clipping, no sorting, and easier access. Just download or print a list of the coupons before you hit the stores, and you can refer to it while shopping. These coupons are very convenient, and for good quality items that you surely purchase. You don't want to miss the great savings every month or so.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take $10 off Aerie Purchase – No Minimum



Like the Aerie facebook page for $10 off an Aerie purchase with no minimum purchase required! These are my favorite types of coupons! No minimum purchase could mean almost free depending on the price of the clothing you purchase. This offer is not valid in online stores. Make sure that you print out the page and take it to the store with you in order to receive the discount. The offer is only valid from May 28th to April 1st, so hurry before it expires!

If you need a store locator in order to find a store in your area, here is the link:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

P&G eSAVER, online P&G!




Did you miss the P&G saver in your weekly newspaper, don’t get a weekly newspaper, can’t find the P&G? Check out the P&G eSaver. Print the coupons or load them directly onto the shopping card that you have entered when you registered. For those of you who don’t know, P&G is short for Proctor and Gamble, and they make many, many name brand items from including Tide, Duracell, Tampax, Charmin, Crest, Gillette, and more. These are some of the most used coupons you can find online for your nearest grocery store., Uses Grocery Coupons to Deliver Savings


alice2 is a one-of-a-kind online store that best serves the home-bound, elderly,  busy, those with large families, and people who tend to purchase nothing but name brand items for their homes. If never running out of toilet paper is important to you, is a great idea. The store allows you to buy household goods like dish detergent, laundry items, and coffee filters direct from the manufacturer with free shipping. The prices are competitive to your local grocery store or department store chain, especially if you shop for name brand items.

The benefit of this type of marketplace is that it eliminates the middleman and passes the savings directly on to you. is a super idea for the home-bound and disabled who don’t feel like lugging large containers of cat litter and coffee from the grocery store to their homes, but the savings aren’t that stellar for double coupon users or people who tend to purchase store brands.  If is right for you, schedule your toilet paper and housecleaning supplies for automated delivery dates using the site. As a bonus, Alice also organizes your products and provides users with automatic coupons. could also be classified as a green store in that it will save you tons of cash in gas, especially if you live a long way away from the nearest grocery store. The site is definitely worth a look-see as it may help you save tons of time and money.

The automatic coupons are a feature  you will love, and the savings will really add up…

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Cheapest Diapers are at Walmart



Sometimes using a coupon code is not the best way to save money. Often times the best way to save a few bucks is to scour the web in search of the best deals. If you know where to look, you can find the absolute cheapest price on a multitude of items like diapers, perfume, and clothing. Among the best sites online to do your scouring include,, Kmart/Sears online,,, Froogle (Google shopping), and a few of the comparison sites out there. Today I am searching for diapers. Wal-mart has the cheapest diapers in size 4 at $40.88 for 176. That’s brand name for the price you would pay for generic, sometimes even less. Wal-mart online tends to have many items that are available exclusively online at awesome prices. Add it to your cheap site searches.

Friday, April 1, 2011

eBay Coupons

A large pile of half-pint Poland Spring bottlesImage via Wikipedia

eBay is one of the best places to look for clipped coupons online. You can often purchase these clipped coupons online in bulk for extra low pricing. This is an especially good deal if you eat mostly one thing such as rice. There are plenty of other sites online in which to purchase bulk coupon codes, but eBay generally has the best selection and some of the best prices. The sellers also already have established ratings and are backed through PayPal. These coupons can be purchased before any trip to the grocery store in order to save money. Along with rice coupons, eBay is a good place to find bottled water coupons in bulk, which is great if you drink bottled water regularly. Most bloggers state that "You are paying for my time to find, list, sort and clip the coupons. The coupons are FREE. Coupons are original manufacturers coupons, not internet printed. The coupons come from Sunday inserts." They state this because coupons themselves are not supposed to be sold. The pricing does reflect the time taken to sort and clip coupons.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Your Groupon eBay Gift Card

This morning has a $15 eBay Gift card up for grabs for $7. This went over very well with my morning coffee since I was logged on to eBay all ready to purchase some vitamins anyway! What a great deal. You can’t beat 1/2 off, and eBay is one of my favorite online shopping site, especially for price comparisons. Before you purchase just about anything, check eBay for bottom line pricing to make sure you’re getting a decent deal. eBay buyer protection and buyer ratings offer decent protection for online deals, and the buyer usually sends the item as described. eBay is also a great place to sell merchandise, but that’s another post. is definitely a site worth signing up for if you haven’t already. They normally deliver some pretty smashing deals in your mailbox each day pertaining to an event or happening in town. They have also apparently began to offer gift cards.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Living Social, Great Local Coupons Around Town

Sign up for local coupons at Living Social to receive a coupon each day in your inbox. The idea is similar to Groupon, and offers excellent deals for free. You can use the deals at local businesses. The deals are great! Sometimes you get half off things like Nascar experiences and circus performer workouts. If you need an excuse to get out of the house, and you would like to save money, try Living Social for free. You can even share for a free deal. After you buy the deal, you get a link to share. If three other people buy the deal and use the link that you pass along, you get the deal for free! Amazing... They offer up to 90% off at local restaurants, bars, spas, theaters, and more.

I love sites like this because they provide you with an endless stream of things to do with your family and friends at great discounts.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Now is a Great Time for Sales and Coupon Codes




Just after the holiday season is one of the best times for coupons, coupon codes, and online deals.

Bath and Body Works has a 3/$10 sale on featured body splash, body lotion, and body wash. Normally priced $9.50 each, you can buy these items for even less when you use the 20% off coupon code. The coupon allows you to purchase 3 of these items for $7.99! Enter SPECIAL20 at checkout.

Anne Taylor has a 50% off sale going on right now. Enter SALE50 at the checkout for an extra 50% off select items.

Macy’s has a good clearance going on. The options are endless. Look around for clearance and end of season sales. This is the BEST time to look for Christmas decorations for next year. Target is also running some excellent after Christmas discounts!