Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deal of the Week – Top 10 Websites For The Cheapest Magazine Subscriptions Online

MARQUIS Magazine Subscription 4 issues SPECIAL OFFER (MARQUIS Magazine, 45)

Magazine subscriptions can be found at awesome discounts online everyday! Check out these top ten sites for awesome magazines and subscription deals. Magazines are definitely one of those items where paying full price is not necessary! Click on to find great deals.

Control Group of Magazines:

  • Maximum PC
  • Wired
  • PC World

1. – Get all your magazines for one monthly low price of $4.95. Choose 3 magazines a month. Choose from hundreds of vendors and switch magazines every month. While this is not the cheapest magazine subscription site around, it does come pretty close. Each magazine costs you around $1.65 a month. With the ability to switch up, this is one of the best deals on the net. The charge will automatically renew. You can also upgrade to 5 magazines a month for $7.95/ month, 7 magazines at $9.95/month, or 8 or more magazines at just $1 an issue. It’s really hard to beat these prices!

  • Maximum PC, Wired, and a miscellaneous fashion magazine can be purchased here, but no PCWorld or even Computer Shopper, which are normally higher priced subscriptions. As long as your needs are not specific or high end, this site is for you.

2. Quicken Picks offers 17.5% Cash Back when you shop through their site. One of the deals they offer is “Save up to 88% on Magazine Subscriptions plus Free Shipping” . is a relatively normal run-of-the-mill magazine subscription site. The 17.5% cash back sweetens the deal, but that does take an extra 30 days.

  • Maximum PC – 12 issues for $12
  • Wired – 12 issues for $12
  • PC World – 12 issues for $19.97
  • averages $1.22 per month for the control subscriptions.

    3. BARNES AND NOBLEThis is definitely one of the most awesome places to find discounts on magazines. A year of Seventeen magazine is just $7.97, and less if you become a member. Check out the $5-$10 section for Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Esquire and Elle.

  • Maximum PC – 12 issues $24 ($21.60 for members)
  • Wired – 12 issues for $10 ($9 for members)
  • PC World – 1 year $19.97 ($17.97 for members)
  • Cosmo's Naughty Notes: 100 Sexy Stickies to Tease, Tantalize, and Turn On Your Man

    4. MAGAZINECOST.COM – Compare costs for magazine subscriptions. Type in the name of the magazine you’re looking for or choose from the categories on the left sidebar. Voila! Comparative deals pop up! Choose the cheapest and subscribe. Shop and Compare sites are always awesome for great deals.

  • Maximum PC - $8.99 for 12 issues
  • Wired - $10 for 12 issues
  • PC World – Could not be found
  • 5. – Amazon is, as always, a great place to shop for printed material. Search for subscriptions in the magazine section.

    Here are some prices at this time:

    1. Maxim (1-year)
    $10.00 ($0.83/issue)
    2. Wired (1-year)
    $10.00 ($0.83/issue)
    3. Redbook (1-year)
    $5.99 ($0.50/issue)
    4. Esquire (1-year)
    $8.00 ($0.67/issue)
    5. Good Housekeeping (1-year)
    $7.97 ($0.66/issue)
    6. Marie Claire (2-year)
    $10.00 ($0.42/issue)
    7. Details (1-year)
    $9.97 ($0.91/issue)
    8. Harper's Bazaar (1-year)
    $8.00 ($0.67/issue)
    9. Health (1-year)
    $9.95 ($0.99/issue)
    10. Seventeen (2-year)
    $10.00 ($0.42/issue

  • Maximum PC - $14.95 for 12 issues
  • Wired - $10 for 12 issues
  • PC World - $19.97 for 12 issues
  • Wired Magazine, September 2007 HALO 3 Cover

    6. eBay – Find archived magazine subscriptions on the cheap here. Maxim 2007 and 2008 are featured. Current subscriptions can be found as well. Prices will vary with time and vendors.

  • Maximum PC (2009 - 2010) – 1 year $6 ( must purchase gift certificate and not actual subscription )
  • Wired (2009 - 2010) - 1 year $7.50 ( must purchase gift certificate and not actual subscription )
  • PC World (2009 - 2010) – not found
  • 7. – Find many, many $5.95 subscriptions here. Some of the titles include Black Enterprise, Elle, Esquire, Jet, True Story Romance Special, and the Yoga Journal.

  • Maximum PC – $5.95 for 12 issues
  • Wired – Not Found
  • PC World – Not Found
  • 8. – another shop and compare site with many more options. Reader’s Digest is a mere $3.55 for 12 issues!

    Click here for Magazines under $5.

    Here are some other prices:

    Atlantic Monthly $5.84 for 10 issues
    Better Homes & Gardens $9.97 for 12 issues
    ESPN Magazine $5.54 for 26 issues
    Family Circle $7.99 for 15 issues
    Good Housekeeping $7.49 for 12 issues

    Just about everything is available for comparison here.

  • Maximum PC - $7.99 for 12 issues
  • Wired - $9.86 for 12 issues
  • PC World - $19.97 for 12 issues
  • Readers Digest Subscription Gift Pack ( 12 issues)

    9. You might also want to check out the magazine’s actual website for magazine deals. for instance. Search for coupon codes as well that may be applied to magazine subscriptions at the direct website and partner websites as well.

  • Maximum PC – 12 issues for $14.95 and a free newsletter.
  • Wired – 12 issues for $10 and Free How to Guide Jam Packed with hundreds of dollars in information.
  • PC World - $19.97 for 12 issues, but try the magazine first with 2 free issues. A bonus CD is included with the subscription (and trial) at the time of this article’s publication, and receive the bonus free newsletter as well. Digital issues are available as well.
  • 10. Magazine coupon codes. Check out these sites for magazine coupon codes that you can apply to many magazine deals that you find online!

    Magazines can be found at great discounts if you take the time to shop. Deals are everywhere and you should be able to find something to suit your needs. Change your subscription every month or subscribe to certain magazines for less than $5 a year!

    Thursday, June 4, 2009

    CVS Coupon, Deals and Discounts, and ExtraCare Card Savings – Save A Lot

    CVS drugstore offers a veritable plethora of discounts. There are a few steps to getting the best CVS deals. Follow this step-by-step plan to save tons of money at CVS pharmacies nationwide.


    1. Get yourself a CVS ExtraCare Rewards Program Card. Registration for one of these cards is simple. You can pick up a simple form in one of your local stores. Then you can connect your physical card to an online account to view the account status and rewards. This card enables you to take advantage of the many offers and discounts that CVS has to offer on a daily basis.

    Buy things and coupons will print out at the register. Sometimes you will get $10 off your next purchase of $25 or more. Other great discounts print out as well.


    2. Navigate to and view this week’s circular. This will let you know what’s on sale and what kind of things you can combine with coupons and get almost free. For example, Maxwell House coffee was buy one get one free this week in my area of the country. I printed out a coupon online for free for $2.00 off two Maxwell house coffee packages. Combine the two for a combination of a $7 discount on two Maxwell House packages of coffee, making them around $2 for both of them.

    3. Some coupons are also available for printing at Click on the Sales tab at to view the sales and specials. The “Save with In-Store Coupons” will be on the right side. Click the graphic for even more printable coupons and discounts. Some are specific to CVS only.

    CVS is really a great place to combine coupons and discounts for out of this world prices. Check the website regularly for great deals in your area.