Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hmmm... Interesting to see what others write, but definitely has the ability to be abused by spammers and the like, but abuse by terrorist unlikely.
And Google not only keeps copies of my email, but now knows the sites I visit. Oh well...

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Friday, September 18, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toilet Paper Coupons



If there is anything I hate to buy without a coupon, it’s toilet paper – the most disposable, necessary commodity on the planet. Coupons for toilet paper can be found at all the usual places, RedPlum,, etc., but you can also sign up for toilet papers coupons for your special free coupon email. Mine is at features a coupon email list that you may sign up for. Although not the softest, if you apply coupons, AngelSoft generally becomes cheaper than the store brand. AngelSoft generally feels better than $.99 toilet paper as well. I just signed up for their mailing list, and I was able to print my new member coupon for $.50 off any double roll right away!

Charmin toilet paper coupons can be found at the P&G site. The P&G  site will download coupons directly to your Kroger card, but that is another story. Here is the link if you would like to register for P&G coupons for things like Charmin, Tide, and Gillette Mach 3 Razors (In my opinion, the absolute best!)

Cottonelle, very soft, but generally a bit more pricey, has its very own link for printable coupons: Even their coupon method is very discrete. You enter your email address and proceed to follow prompts. I could not locate the coupons! OH NO! I really want to try the Cottonelle with Aloe. My coupon is printing right now. All you have to do is press the enter key after entering your name and email address, and pouf! another $.50 off toilet paper.

In my search for Marcal coupons, I ran into a new coupon website for printable coupons, Smartsource,, and RedPlum are all in one place! Apparently you can buy the Marcal coupons that went out in some Sunday circulars here. also has coupons for $1 off Scott Naturals when you buy 6 or more rolls. Scott is long-lasting toilet paper. It may cost a bit more, but it generally lasts twice as long!

I hope you have fun finding your own toilet paper coupons, and go recycled!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Free Sample of Totally Free Samples on the Internet

The best things in life come free, right? There are many interesting items on the Internet for free. I mean absolutely free. The best site, most trustworthy site for free samples is probably Wal-mart’s free samples. You have to be careful with free things. They can loop into free trials, on-going subscriptions, or special offers that may sound appealing but usually involve some kind of catch. Wal-mart’s free samples are trustworthy, dependable, and secure. The samples to take a while to arrive in the mailbox, but they do arrive. Right now features a free sample of Fancy Feast Appetizers, Zyrtec, Nicorette, Huggies, and Kotex. I ordered Zora the free sample of Fancy Feast. At, I ordered a free sample of Mary Kay Mascara. This site does feature a lot of contests and items that involve purchases to receive free things on the Internet, but on the whole, it is a great site full of free offers and samples. -

spanOffers a free sample newsletter that arrives in your coupon email. You do have to provide your email address to sign up for these free offers, but you can preview the last newsletter sent out. This sites also features prizes and contests, which, as a matter of personal choice, I try to avoid. I did get a free sample of True Lemon, a crystallized lemon powder. -

Lots of free samples offered here as well. I am signing up for a free copy of Hope, Medicine, and Healing, a totally free book. You may also order a free Bible from Lesea. I also decided on a free sample of LaCoste perfume! That one excited me! I love perfume! I would have a whole room filled with just perfume like they do at Macy’s if I could. I also opted for complete free sample of homemade soap, a free sample of Noevir anti-aging cream which also comes with a free catalog, a free sample of Flix plastic toothpicks, a free sample of Dentaburst, which is good considering I have no idea what Dentaburst is, a free sample of some lubricants, and a free sample of Renaldi olive oil. Then, I printed out a coupon for a free sample of Bare Escentuals from JCPenny, which I was happy to find because most free samples from Bare Escentuals feature some kind of subscription, but JCPenny sounds legit.

Have fun ordering all your free items!