Friday, April 24, 2009

How to Get Coupons and Discounts From Hewlett Packard for Laptops, Printers, Servers, Software, and Anything Else Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is really not too expensive anyway. Most of their products are priced pretty competitively, but for computer junkies everywhere, HP does have coupons. If they mail one for printer ink cartridges, I’ll really be excited! Oh my!


Sign up for Hewlett Packard’s mailing list and receive coupons good for discounts on printers, hardware, etc. I just signed up yesterday to preview the ads I would receive in my inbox because I am always in the market for new techie items. My first coupon was:

$10 off any item of $50 or more! Just use coupon code SV9409, and the coupon expires on 7/31/2009.

Not bad. You can use the coupon online at HP’s direct site to purchase tons of items. There’s a cool set of Bluetooth headphones for $49.99 after the instant rebate, but I am in the market for a printer.


Hewlett Packard’s mailing list is simple, and you can opt out anytime. Just navigate to the HP website,, and sign up for free using your email address. You can read their privacy statement if you wish, but four email accounts dedicated to ad based email is probably a better option. Create on just for special offer and coupon emails while your at it. Call it or whatever else you like. If anyone has a special offer, email it to please! I’ll take what I can get.

The instructions, which are found at the bottom of the emails, to unsubscribe are:

“HP Home & Home Office Store is committed to protecting your privacy and respecting your choice for contact. This communication is only sent to valued customers who have asked to receive HP Home & Home Office Store e-mail. This is a recurring mailing. To unsubscribe, click here or hit "REPLY" and type "UNSUBSCRIBE" as the subject line of this message. To change your e-mail address, click here.” is the place for HP items. Here you can find just about everything you need including lots of extra information such as webinars. Right now they offer some interesting things to look into including financing options, leasing options, and server trade ins. Just perform a search in the search box at their site to find what you’re looking for. Trade ins toward new servers can save you tons.

For an interesting one hour webinars on SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and VMWare:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save Money With Department Store Clearance Deals


1. has a nice clearance section. Prices start at $1.75 and there is a special section for items priced more than 70% off. Stock pile merchandise you can’t find in stores.

2. Sears Outlet Stores features 20-60% off retail prices everyday. This is “new one-of-a-kind, out of a carton, discontinued, used, scratched and dented merchandise ranging from home appliances to sporting goods and everywhere in between.

3. Walmart’s clearance section is pretty extensive as well walmart

with apparel and digital cameras among many other things at very reasonable prices.

4. Don’t forget the ToysRus clearance section for all yotoysrusur child’s needs. Toys are an especially good item to buy on clearance. They never go out of style, and usually aren’t used that much anyway.

5. American Eagle’s clearance section allows you to save up to 60% on some of the hottest fashion items. Shorts, shirts, aeand jeans the whole family will love at affordable pricing. Right now the site is running free shipping with orders over $100.

6. Spiegel also has a great clearance section. Save up to 90% at Spiegel on some beautiful clothing for yourself.

7. QVC Jewelry clearance. Need I say more? Who doesn’trong need a jewelry clearance? This clearance site features designers you know and love as well as less well known designers and many items are at least 50% off!

Combine these clearance deals with online coupons to save tons of money!

Sunday, April 12, 2009 Buy Coupons Cheap

Save money, even on coupons. is a cheap order by coupon site. Just order the coupons you want, pay the small handling fee, and have them shipped to your home. They feature coupons from P&G, Redplum, and Smartsource all in one easy to navigate site, and the coupons are mailed to your home. Printing supplies don’t come cheap, especially ink cartridges.

After an exhaustive Internet search for juice coupons, $1.00 off Tropicana 50, which is half the calories of orange juice, can be found here. At .12 each, you save .88, which is a lot better than nothing. You must also pay .92 for a first class U.S. mail envelope in order to ship your coupons. They do accept PayPal and credit cards.


The unique thing about is that you can order 20 coupon inserts for about .50 each. This is interesting, and I think that no other coupon site that I can think of offers this kind of deal. Their new referral program allows you to earn 10% in store credit on any new orders from your friends and family.

You may only order a maximum of 100 coupons per week per individual, and the coupons generally have a minimum order of about 5, although you may order singles of a few coupons such as the Fresh Step Litter coupon. This coupon is an awesome find. Fresh Step cat litter is one of the best clumping litters around, and Zora loves it. Find, locate, and order coupons at one of the lowest prices I have seen, yet, with no membership fees. Your order must be at least $3.00, so choose your coupons accordingly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bottled Water Coupons


If you drink bottled water like I do, every day, then you really NEED bottled water coupons. If I drank the cheap stuff, maybe it would be okay, but NO, I drink Evian, Fiji, and Iceland Spring bottled water. At roughly $6 a day, the cost adds up fast.

I have had much trouble seeking bottled water coupons. They are scarce and hard to find. My best source is eBay, and the good thing is that you can usually find bottled water coupons in multiples of 10 or so here. If you are a Crystal Light drinker, you might want to try to find these coupons on eBay as well. Click here for a bottled water coupons search on eBay. There should be about 100 listing under $5 or so. Click here for a Crystal Light Coupon Search on eBay. Pump your water up!

Luckily, I was able to find 10 Fiji bottled water coupons and 10 Evian bottled water coupons for around $3. That’s $3 for a total savings of $20 on coupons I am definitely going to use.

I think Fiji also offers some coupons for delivered bottled water. This might make the shipping less expensive. With Fiji water delivery, you can order by the case, and shipping is free when you order direct. A case is $37 on average and comes in a variety of sizes. Click here for 30% off Fiji Water Direct, but I am not sure how long this will last.


The manufacturers of Deer Park, Zephyrhills, Poland Spring, and Ice Mountain is Nestle Waters North America and can be located at,,, and They usually feature one or two coupons.


Iceland Spring, by far my favorite bottled water, has no coupons anywhere that I was able to locate, and I did an exhaustive search. This is some of the cleanest water you can drink. Please, please, please post any more links to bottled water sites with coupons you might come across. This is very valuable information to me and a lot of other bottled water drinkers.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Money Saving Deal of the Week offers free oil changes to the general public. This is the best price I have found on an oil change! Free! Free oil change! To get a free oil change:


Navigate your browser to

Register your name and vehicle. Register Your confirmation via email or fax. Bring your vehicle in for a scheduled free oil change. Get up to 5 quarts of oil and a new filter… at no charge to you!

This site finds dealers in your area willing to give you a free oil change and sets you up. Be careful. I recommend only taking your car to a service center that you trust.

To receive your free oil change:

  • You must be at least 21 and own your car.
  • You must show up to your appointment or call to reschedule.

They will also provide a complete preventative maintenance check on the following:

  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Tire Pressure
  • Air Filter
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Wiper Blades
  • Vehicle Lights
  • Battery Test
  • Differential Fluid
  • Transfer Case Fluid

You will need the your year of your Vehicle, the make of your Vehicle, and the model of your vehicle in addition to your contact information for the site, who promises that they will not sell your information.

Warning: Just make sure you are very careful with your car. For some reason, you must own your car yourself to receive this free oil change. That raises my eyebrows. Although this is probably completely legit…

Please feel free to leave any comments if you have ever tried this service before.

A toolbar, many printable coupons, and an easy to use interface, what more could you ask for? Come here to get an Entertainment Book for $15 with free shipping. Not a bad deal for a huge book with restaurant coupons that will save you lots of money. Most are household coupons with a few pet care and personal care items featured.


Sign up for free and get exclusive access to members-only savings, rewards, and special promotions from They also feature many recipes for great family meals and creative cooking. Using is simple. Visit the gallery, click on the offers you need, print them and go to the store to save money. Visit their sister site, to save even more money.


If it is your first time downloading and printing the coupons, you will need their coupon Printer, and you will have to download it. is paid by leading brands to distribute their always legit coupons to you, the consumer. I like this version of coupon printing because you can pick and choose the coupons you print for free, and they always work. Most aren’t huge savings, but if you always buy Cheerios anyway, you can usually find Cheerios here. Kotex is usually featured here as well, with great savings on Tampons! Ha! It’s great to save money on the things you already buy, and I find this the most money saving technique. Find discounts on the things you buy anyway instead of buying something solely because you have a coupon. A little off topic, but this tip will save you plenty of buyer’s remorse in the future.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Buy and Sell Used and New Clothing on eBay

jeans Short on cash? Sell you old clothes on eBay. They sell like crazy! You can place anything sellable on eBay and earn tons of cash from things you never wear. I just made around $50 from selling clothing on eBay. Make sure you mark up the shipping so that you do not lose money on the item. I wouldn’t suggest going out and buying clothing to resell unless you can find dirt cheap deals that no one else in the world can. Sure, the eBay market is saturated, and when I created my listings, there were hundreds of thousands of other listings for men and women’s clothing.


Do not lose hope. My clothing items have sold on the last day at the last minute. It is easy to get discouraged when you have many watchers and not any bidders.Try to sell quality brands at affordable prices. Anne Taylor, Nike, and Old Navy are good options. Your closet really is a goldmine waiting to happen. Think of all the things you never wear. As long as they are in reasonably good shape, you should be able to make at least $3 from each item, sometimes less and sometimes more.

This really does work like clothing coupons! Sell some old clothing from your closet, and rush out and buy new clothing with the profits you’ve made. Sometimes, if you find a really good deal at a department store, you can buy two of the same item, and put one on eBay. You just might earn enough to get the other for free! Take it back if it doesn’t sell. What an economy booster!

yardThe shipping is very important. You need to ship these items dirt cheap to actually make any real money. Buy plastic envelops and stuff your items inside, or ship in old shoe boxes. Whatever keeps costs low. These items are not fragile, so no fluff and packaging material are needed. Feel free to leave comments and coupon codes regarding the cheapest way to ship an item. I usually find the do it yourself station in the post office the least expensive option.  Shipping is so important because it can really cut into the cost of your item, and you will lose all of the money you profited from the sale if you are not careful. Happy eBay yard sales!