Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to Find Coupons on Twitter for GAP, GoDaddy, Dell, Verizon, and More


A variety of awesome coupons and deals can be found on Twitter by following other Twitter people or searching You will need a Twitter account for this. For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is similar to a blogging arena for everyone. Everyone can make short comments for links, articles, what happens when they brush their teeth, who walks the dog, etc. You must sign up in order to follow these people’s comments and make some of your own. Click here to create your own Twitter account.

Once your account is created, sign in and start finding people to follow. If you just want to create a coupon account, search Twitter users for user with coupon, coupons, or discount(s) as a user name. There will be many options to choose from. Pick a few or a hundred to follow.

Navigate back to your homepage and start viewing the goodies. Tweets will come in the next few minutes, hours, and days about discounts, coupons, and coupon codes. Another Twitter option is

twitterres is in the beta stages, but this new coupons site for tweeters has lots of potential. Browse categories including all, apparel, cell phones, computers and electronics. Old Navy, GAP, and Footlocker are some of the vendors featured in the apparel section. Dell, Best Buy, and Logitech are featured in the computers and electronics section. GoDaddy coupons can even be found in the web hosting section. This is one of the most complete coupon listing sites on the Internet, and a very valuable way of finding online coupons. There is also a search section where you can search for items by keyword, store name, or category. Twitter is an excellent coupon database because the coupons are all linked together in one page with easy to follow links. You may also choose to follow as well. Have fun tweeting!

Sunday, May 24, 2009 – Printable Coupons in Your Area

Valpak is famous for their blue envelopes packed with savings and discounts specialized for your area. Valpak has been in business for over 40 years and offers excellent discounts, great values, and exciting offers. In 2008, Valpak will deliver their famous blue envelopes to over 45 million households throughout the United States and Canada. (REF)

valpak features beauty coupons, dining and restaurant coupons, entertainment and travel coupons, general services coupons, grocery coupons, health and medical coupons, home and garden coupons, professional services coupons, shops and retail coupons, and transportation and auto coupons. Clip and print only the coupons you will use. Hurry! Print them fast. According to an article on cnet, “Eventually charges will be added. That day will come when Internet coupons are being redeemed in enough of a critical mass that it’s a [good] business decision.”

Kornblum, Janet “Val-Pak launches coupon site” cnet. 30 October 1998. Web. 24 May 2008.


Subscription to a mailing list is also available. You must enter your address and email it to them in order to receive coupons mailed to your home. In order to receive postal coupons mailed to your home, you must send an email to that includes your complete mailing address, and it will be submitted. Your email address is never sold to a third party for any reason.

There is a section for auto coupons with coupons from ExpertTire, Tires Plus, and Firestone. Home and Gardens coupons for my area included coupons from Vonage and DIRECTV coupons.

Don’t forget to swing by the recipes section for great organic and regular recipes. Exclusive members may also enter’s daily sweepstakes entries. Cash, trips, and other things can be won by sweepstakes contestants.

To advertise with ValPak, click here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Money Saving Deal of the Week: How to Clean Up on a Dime - Save Money on Cleaning Supplies by Using Cheap Basics



SoftScrub, PineSol, Swiffer Jet are all excellent items if you can afford to throw away tons of money, but cleaning supplies can be acquired that do the job for much less. In today's economy, you may want to consider other options.

First of all, much of advertising aimed at the average consumer places too much emphasis on household cleaning products. These products are only slightly more effective than the products they originate from at 4 and sometimes 10 times the cost. Are you wasting money because you have been paying too much attention to the television. Are there cleaning products that you just can't live without? How much should you be saving?



Second, many cheaper items can substituted for more expensive items. This is especially useful in times of scarcity such as your most recent layoff. Temporarily these items can be sacrificed for their more expensive counterparts.



Swiffer Sweep Jet

Broom and Mop

Toilet Bowl Cleaner





Inexpensive Bleach Cleanser

Wood Protectant

Mineral Oil

Expensive Dusting Spray

A rag with a dot of mineral oil or water and a feather duster

Glass Cleaner

Vinegar and water solution with heavy duty paper towels

Check out these links for more information on how to make your own household cleaners:

Finally, your local Dollar Star, Dollar Tree, or store that carries items that only cost $1 each will normally carry items ranging from Febreeze knock-offs to packs of 12 sponges for only $1. This makes for a convenient one-stop-shop for discounted cleaning needs. Be careful that you do not purchase items that are cheaper at department stores here for $1. One of the most obvious items is Comet. Comet and its knock-offs are usually less expensive at Wal-mart if they are more than 75 cents. Dollar General, if located in your area, is also a great discount supply store for cleaning items.

Big Book of Hints from Heloise

Another great money-saving idea is to use reusable mesh laundry bags for recycling purposes. This also helps the environment. Mesh recycling bags cut approximately $3 from your monthly budget, and are very inexpensive. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sign Up For Mailing List Coupons From Bed Bath & Beyond, Tires Plus, Sonic, AngelSoft and GNC


Sign up for these mailing lists and get coupons in your coupon email box for free! Many companies offer mailing lists for customers to subscribe to for coupon offers on their websites. Just sign up using your special coupon email, and receive special offers all day. Better yet, find an overpriced but gotta-have-it item at a store you like. Then sign up for their mailing list, and grab a discount. I found the perfect shoes-under for my room at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I wanted a discount. So, I signed up for their mailing list, and viola 20% off one item!

Here’s a summary of my mailing list spoils:

  1. Bed Bath and Beyond – 20% off one item. The item is in-store only and does not apply to online purchases. The certificate cannot be applied to gift cards, Vera Wang, Swarovski, and a host of other brands but should apply to my ShoesUnder. It also expires in around two weeks from now.
  2. Tires Plus – 10% off your next regular price purchase for most vehicles. This can really save you a lot of money if you need a whole new set of tires. Tires Plus is usually priced fairly as well.
  3. GNC - $5 off your next purchase of $35 or more. This discount does not apply to gift cards or buy one get one 50% off purchases. Vitamins are a pretty large portion of my monthly purchases, and any discounts are welcomed.
  4. Sonic Fast Food Restaurant - Enter your e-mail address to receive a coupon for a FREE CroisSONIC™ Breakfast Sandwich with purchase of a large drink. Choose from bacon or sausage with egg and cheese. Free just for signing up!
  5. AngelSoft – Save $.50 off one 6-Double Roll or larger pack of Angel Soft Toilet Paper. Find these babies on sale, and you have a whopper of a deal. AngelSoft is truly great t.p.!

Signing up for mailing lists is a free, inexpensive, easy way to get coupons for stores and restaurant when they have items you need, but don’t want to pay full price for. Keep looking and please comment if you know of any other email sign-up discounts.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RedPlum Website – More Sunday Circular Newspaper Coupons and Coupons Mailed to Your Home For Free


Redplum is a major Sunday circular coupon distributor for my area. New offers and coupons appear on the Redplum site daily. There is absolutely no cost for joining If you would like to join Redplum’s mailing list, Click here . Enter your home address to receive coupons through the mail from RedPlum. The Redplum site also has many other remarkable features you might want to investigate.

First, features clippable coupons for grocery items. Unfortunately the coupons come with preinstalled printing limits. I just discovered this while trying to print at least 20 Rice Roni coupons, and I’m still laughing. I really do love Rice Roni. The grocery coupons work like any other site. Choose the ones you would like to print, “clip” them and you’re ready to print.

Next, Redplum has regular sweepstakes and contests. The Snuggle Creme Luxurious Laundry Giveaway and BigResearch Happy Holidays Sweepstakes are the two running right now. The Snuggle sweepstakes is for a free washer and dryer!


Then, RedPlum offers advertising. Advertise both online and through printed media such as newspaper ads. You must contact the sales staff for advertising needs.

Redplum also features a Style section, which is awesome. Fantastic Sam’s haircuts and styles are on sale every day all day at great discounts in my area. You must enter your zip code for specific information.

Next, the Restaurant section functions in much the same manner where you must enter your area code to view specials in your area. There were none for my mostly rural area this week.

This site features many more online coupons codes than Smartsource, their closest competitor in my zipcode. Coupon codes can be found for pet items, travel, baby, and electronics.

Finally, you may also create your own account at Redplum offers text messages and email updates for your convenience. I always sign up using my special coupon email address that I have created especially for special offers. This way if I forget to check for coupons or if I am too busy to check for coupons, coupons will come in my inbox. is one of the most useful coupon sites that I have stumbled on so far. I only wish they had more printable coupons. This is one of the basic coupon sites for every coupon maven. Happy coupon hunting!

Sunday, May 10, 2009 – The #1 Website for Printable Coupons

smartsource Try this site for printable grocery coupons from home. These coupons are completely free with no catch! works a little like You must have a printer in order to access coupons. There are more coupons here than features. If the name sounds familiar, it is because is one of the companies that distributes Sunday circular coupons that come in your Sunday paper.

News America Marketing is the largest distributor of consumer packaged goods promotions in the U.S. Under the SmartSource brand. Click on their Partner link to advertise and coupon your site or product to millions of at home shoppers. Your company can distribute coupons across the Internet, advertise online, distribute coupons in Sunday papers, and advertise in-store through this company.


There are coupons for Hummus, juice, sleep products, and everything else. $5 off Science Diet pet food, Aquafresh WhiteTrays coupons, Theraflu and Deli Fresh ham coupons are some of the other coupons worth mentioning on this site. I finally got the $1 coupon for V8 that I have been trying to track down.

Sign up for email alerts about new coupons. They’ll send you coupons and promotions weekly. This is a good reminder for those of you who forget or don’t have time to check coupon sites.


If you have a little time to spare or just want to know all about the latest grocery deals in your area, you can click on the local grocery deals link to take you to a listing of your area’s sales and discounts at local stores such as Ingles and Publix.

The site can also be followed on Twitter.

When using these sites where you can print out coupons online, you might want to make sure that you’re using Internet Explorer.