Sunday, September 19, 2010

Truvia Coupons




Truvia is a great, natural sweetener for your morning coffee or bowl of cereal. The greatest benefit to Truvia that I can think of is that it probably doesn’t cause cancer in lab rats. A whole, natural food diet is probably best, and cane sugar is one of nature’s pure evils. No fear, Truvia coupons are here, there, and everywhere! Look for them inside your Truvia box, on the Kroger website where they can be downloaded directly to your Kroger card, and in your Sunday paper. Truvia is also on sale at Kroger occasionally, which makes for a great combination with your Truvia coupon.

BlackBerry Cellfire Coupon App – Coupons for Groceries Right on Your Phone




I am such a coupon hog! I have been searching and sifting through BlackBerry Apps in hopes of finding coupons to use in the grocery store, retail outlets, stores, restaurants, and pretty much any other mode of saving money with coupons available. I have been able to find a few BlackBerry Apps to suit my soul, but since I do live in an area that is not New York City, San Francisco, or very heavily populated, my pickings have been slim.

Kroger already has coupons that you can load right to your Kroger card online before entering the store, and that is super convenient, but Cellfire also prominently features some of their coupons that I can use in my area and right in the store. From the store, I can open my App, look at the coupons, and decide what I would like to purchase right there. It saves a lot of hassle and forgetfulness compared with ordinary print coupons. The coupons are convenient and added to your Kroger Plus card right in the store. The Cellfire coupon App also featured some other coupons for a Sears Portrait Studio in my area. Awesome! I can’t wait to find other last minute savings popping up in my cell phone!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stein Mart Coupons – Like Getting Candy in the Mailbox



Yum… I love Stein Mart email and mailbox coupons! When these coupons come in the mail or in my email inbox, I feel like I have just received a Milky Way bar! Usually Stein Mart coupons come about once a month and feature one or more coupons for 20% or more off of one item and one or more coupons for 20% off Red Dot Clearance items, which means that sometimes you can get a really nice blouse, pairs of shoes, or work of art for your apartment for around 80% off, which is a savings that you can be proud of. Just sign up for the Stein Mart coupon mailing list to receive easy to clip coupon online goodies in your inbox and mailbox.