Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TurboTax Coupons


TurboTax coupons can be found online. I did not see a way to use the TurboTax Coupons. If someone would like to comment on how to use TurboTax coupons for future tax seasons that would be great. Here are some links to TurboTax coupons:

I used TurboTax even though I had to file self-employed this year. It was super easy and concise, and I was glad not to have to sit through H&R Block. I am sure that my taxes are correct and have all proof, though. Not to say that I recommend doing taxes online to anyone else, but TurboTax will get you the best refund possible and is super convenient. TurboTax even offered me the new American Opportunity Tax Credit! WOW! I was amazed!